By: Dr. Kimberly DiGiorgio

Do you find yourself asking “will things ever be the same?” Do other people ask you the same question? Although the details of your own personal story are different, we are all facing these unprecedented times together.

Will things ever be the same? No one knows the exact answer, but there are some things that are known:

You are not alone during these times. Whether you are at home with family, on zoom with friends and family, or just spending time with your pet, you are not alone.

Even though you cannot control the uncertainty of Covid19:

You can control how you take care of yourself physically.

  1. Getting adequate sleep each night (7-8 hours)
  2. Keeping to a regular schedule as much as possible
  3. Exercising
  4. Eating nutritious meals
  5. Relaxing (reading a book, listening to music)
  6. Limiting screen time including the news
  7. Avoiding excessive alcohol and tobacco

You can control how you take care of yourself mentally.

  1. Notice and do not judge your thoughts and feelings
  2. Think about what is going right in your life
  3. Make a list of all of your family/social supports
  4. Reach out to family/friends/spiritual advisor to talk
  5. Volunteer to help others in need
  6. Have a good laugh or cry
  7. Sit outside and enjoy the fresh air

If you or someone you know feels overwhelmed during these uncertain times, please reach out to us using the contact page on this website or these other valuable resources available.