Therapy Fees & Insurance

 Maryland Marriage and Family Therapy Centers accepts self-pay and Carefirst/Blue Cross Blue Shield plans for individual and family therapy at this time. We do not accept insurance for Couples Therapy unless there is a distinct identified patient (please see further explanation below). We can provide the forms necessary for Out-of-Network reimbursement if your insurance plan has this benefit.  In addition, most HSA’s can be used to cover costs.

The self-pay rates for the clinicians range from $140/session and $180/session and can be found on their profile pages.  To view those, please go to the Meet the Team page and click on the therapist with whom you are interested in meeting.

  Why we don’t take insurance for Couples Therapy:

Most Insurance companies will say that they do not cover couples therapy – this is because Insurance companies require that, through the course of treatment, we are treating one family member’s mental health diagnosis. We have to diagnosis one person in the session and write notes reflecting how we are treating that diagnosis.  This is not what we do in couples therapy. When working with relationship concerns, we are treating the relationship and can only write notes reflecting that approach. We cannot say we are treating one member’s mental health when the concern is relational. There are rare exceptions where the focus is specifically one member of the couple’s mental health needs and couple’s therapy is an adjunct to that person’s individual therapy.