Divorce Poison by Dr. RIchard Warshak – Divorce often results in a child alienating one of their parents for myriad reasons. This book guides divorcing parents in how to divorce well, implement damage control, and help your children heal. Stepcoupling by Susan Wisdom and Jennifer Green – So many people go into second marriages excited to start over only to find a lot of complicated dynamics that they did not expect. More second marriages end in divorce than first marriages!  This book is a CRUCIAL guide for couples who are blending families! Yes, Your Teen is Crazy by Michael Bradley – A guide to understanding what is normal behavior and what is behavior of concern.  The author presents the material in an easy to read and, oftentimes, humorous manner. Parenting with Love and Logic by Foster Cline and Jim Fay – Parenting is difficult but can be made easier with this common sense guide to addressing everyday parenting challenges.