Parent Coordination $220/session

Therapy:  $160/Session


  • None

Rosalyn Hnasko, LCSW-C


Additional Education and Certifications:

  • Parent Coordination
  • Divorce Mediation

Areas of Interest/Specialization:

  • Parent Coordination
  • Divorce and Custody Related Issues
  • Coparenting
  • Parent Education

    About me:

    For over 14 years I have devoted my career to helping individuals and families cope with trauma
    and better adjust to life’s challenges. I began my career in child welfare, where I learned the
    importance of a healthy family unit, and the intersection of child development and family
    trauma. I now focus my career on working with families who have experienced divorce and are
    often navigating custody and family law court.

    With specialized training in parenting coordination, I incorporate various therapeutic and
    mediation techniques when working with divorced individuals who are trying to improve their
    co-parenting relationship. My goal is to help you overcome the emotional turmoil and grief
    caused by divorce. Ongoing parental conflict can have long-term, negative impacts on children’s
    social and emotional development. However, if parents cope with the process effectively and
    maintain a workable co-parenting relationship, children and families will thrive.

    My approach to therapy is client-centered and goal driven. I work with individuals, intact
    couples, as well as couples headed towards divorce, or who have already divorced. I offer
    individual and couples therapy, parenting coordination, co-parenting coaching, and pre- or post-
    divorce therapy to help you no matter where you find yourself on life’s journey.

    I consider myself a non-judgmental, approachable therapist who can provide a safe space for
    individuals and couples to begin the process of healing. On a personal note, I prioritize self-care
    when it comes not only to my clients, but also myself. I enjoy exercising and personal fitness,
    travel, and spending time with my family and three dogs at home.