Parenting Coordination Services

Maryland Marriage and Family Therapy Centers is committed to supporting relationships and families in all of its forms.  This includes families in which parents are no longer together and need support in co-parenting their children!    Parenting in the same household can be hard enough! Parenting separately even harder – we have the support for you to succeed in  You are still a family and your children will continue to need you to work together and meet their needs.

So what is Parent Coordination exactly? Parenting coordination is an intervention using methods of psychotherapy and alternative dispute resolution to help divorced or separated parents navigate how to effectively co-parent their children. Goals of parenting coordination include educating parents on parenting techniques and how to make decisions that are in the best interests of children, assisting parents in implementing effective modes of communication between them, and helping parents modify behaviors to circumvent the children’s exposure to conflict.

“Real life romance is fueled by a far more humdrum approach to staying connected. It is kept alive each time you let you spouse know he or she is valued during the grind of everyday life.”
– John Gottman

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